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Explore a beautiful community

Sayner-Star Lake has everything you need to enjoy a fantastic vacation in the Northwoods. The community is home to delicious restaurants, eclectic shops, fascinating museums and more. Discover for yourself why Sayner-Star Lake is so special.


Discover delicious dining

You are never far from a great meal in Sayner-Star Lake. Explore fun local hangouts and timeless restaurants that will...Learn More

Services and Recreation

Find everything you need

You don’t have to leave the services and amenities of home behind when you travel to Sayner-Star Lake. The community...Learn More


Discover deals and more

Shoppers will encounter some surprises as they explore Sayner-Star Lake. Here, you can find French fashions and vintage snowmobiles, the...Learn More


Number of stoplights: zero

The town has 62,939 acres, 7554 acres of water, 34,592 acres of state forest, 5513 acres of county forest/land. According...Learn More

Old Milltown Depot

Experience Sayner-Star Lake’s railroad history

You can almost hear the train whistles in the pines at this special spot in Star Lake. A local preservation...Learn More

Old Schoolhouse Gallery

An artistic outpost

Star Lake’s second schoolhouse, built in 1921, was the first structure that arriving passengers encountered when departing the depot grounds....Learn More

Plum Lake Library

Sayner-Star Lake’s friendly local library

The Plum Lake Library was established in 1939 and has been recognized by the Hennen’s American Public Library System as...Learn More

Sayner-Star Lake’s Street Fair

One of the great festivals of the Northwoods will next take place in Sayner-Star Lake in August, 2019. The annual...Learn More

Vilas Historical Museum

The Northwoods the way it was

Travel back to the early days of the Northwoods of Wisconsin at the Vilas Historical Museum in Sayner. The museum...Learn More

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