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October 30, 2017 // 9:50 am

Celebrate the season in Sayner-Star Lake

There’s something magical about this time of year in Sayner-Star Lake. The forests are silent and beautiful, shifting into a world of white. Ripples give way to ice on the lake—soon, ice fishermen and the occasional deer will be making tracks here. There’s a smell of wood smoke in the air as fireplaces hold the cold, clear nights at bay. Here are a few more reasons to make plans for a holiday getaway in Sayner-Star Lake. Learn more

November 30, 2017 // 12:09 pm

Explore the origin of snowmobiling

This winter, take a ride to where it all began. Sayner-Star Lake is known as the birthplace of the snowmobile and for nearly a century, people have been exploring this beautiful land of lakes and forests. A trip today will take you through some of the best riding in the region and the experience is as incredible as it was in the 1920s. Here are a few details about timeless trail riding in Sayner-Star Lake. Learn more

September 27, 2017 // 3:47 pm

Fall drives in Sayner-Star Lake

This is the perfect time of year to spend some time behind the wheel around Sayner-Star Lake. Hardwood forests explode into color, opening up new vistas of forests and lakes. Keep an eye to the sky – massive flocks of migratory birds are on the move. Our highways and backroads wind through all of this breathtaking beauty and provide a breathtaking and relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Here are two classic routes that offer some of the best scenery in the area. Learn more

July 27, 2017 // 4:38 pm

Meet the people behind Sayner-Star Lake’s great local shops

Meet Sayner-Star Lake’s retailers

When you step into a Sayner-Star Lake store, you’ll discover a place that’s more than a business. The stores here grew out of the passion and commitment of their owners, and shoppers experience this firsthand. From the thoughtful décor to the unique products and the warm, personalized service, you know you’ll shopping in someplace special. Each store owner has a special story they want to share with you. Here’s what they had to say. Learn more

May 24, 2018 // 11:23 am

Summer Attractions

Sayner-Star Lake has a rich heritage that’s alive in our local attractions. They share the stories of early residents and visitors to this area and they offer an experience that is as beautiful today as it was a century ago. Some of these attractions are open seasonally, so summer is the best time to explore these places. So swing open the screen door, come inside and step back in time. Learn more

May 26, 2017 // 10:16 am

Summer trail guide

Sayner-Star Lake is an ideal summer destination for those who love getting out on the trails. It’s home to forested trails that are perfect for a family bike ride, a morning nature walk, a challenging hike or an off-road biking adventure. Here’s a quick guide to the trails around Sayner-Star Lake. Learn more

April 26, 2017 // 12:58 pm

Two perfect rides

Sayner-Star Lake is home to some of the best biking in the Northwoods. Two great trails are located in the heart of the community, close to lodging and restaurants. They provide very different riding experiences. Here’s a quick guide to Sayner-Star Lake’s two premier bike trail systems and what sets each trail apart. Learn more

November 29, 2017 // 2:25 pm

Who invented the snowmobile?

Discover the birthplace

The first snowmobile was built in 1924 by a 25-year-old Sayner resident named Carl Eliason. An avid sportsman, Eliason had a foot disability that prevented him from trekking on snowshoes. After attempting to retrofit a Ford Model T with skis, he began work on a different machine, working in a garage behind the then-new General Store. Learn more

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