Star Lake Nature Trail

A beautiful and historic hike

This picturesque trail is located on a peninsula extending out into Star Lake. More than a century ago, it was a pasture used by horses that hauled logs to the nearby Star Lake Mill. The property is also the site of one of the state’s first tree nurseries. Today the site bears little resemblance to a horse pasture or early tree farm. It’s filled with mature trees and picturesque trails that wind along the shore of Star Lake. The trail includes scenic boardwalks and passes ferns and wildflowers. In the winter, it’s a nice place for snowshoeing. There are two loops on the site: the short loop is a mile-long interpretive nature trail; the long loop is a hiking path, 2.5 miles long.

To get to the trail take County Hwy. K to State House Road. The trail entrance is at the end of the road, past West Star Lake Campground.

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